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"Peter has been great.  We hired him to bring our place back up to scratch, without really knowing what we needed doing.  Peter used his extensive skills and expertise to really make our lifestyle block shine.  His advice extended from the gardens to fencing to trees, he even noticed some preventative maintenance that was needed on the house.  A real one-stop shop for a lifestyle block owner with little time." - John Kenel

"I have found Pete very reliable, which is essential in my business, prompt and very reasonably priced.  He is also knowledgeable in that he can identify noxious plants, and potential issues which can save my owners in the long run." - Jo McCurdy, Lodge City Rentals

"I couldn't say anything bad about Pete if I tried. He has extensive knowledge in all things gardening and landscaping and he's truly passionate about what he does. Pete done a lot of work around our property from garden restoration, to tree pruning, to veggie garden planting. He's a real asset to the outdoors." - Scott Townsend

"I've found Pete to be very friendly and knowledgable in his area and he has a true knack for the outdoors and what he does. I'm happy to recommend Pete and his services to anyone in the highest regard." - Natalie Norris

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